Decor Rentals

See more decor items on our Print Design & Signage gallery page.

Assorted apothecary containersAssorted Apothecary Containers
Choice of 3 – $20

Votive and candle holdersVotive and Candle Holders
Range from $0.75 – $5 each


Flowers and votive candlesIron Vase
with 8 votive candle holders $15 (candles included)

Hanging LightsWicker Spheres with Lights
Set of 3 with lights – $40

Assorted signs and design decor itemsAssorted Sign Boards and Design Services
Prices range from $2.50 – $20 depending on the type of board
Design Services are priced at $20 per hour

Cigar bar decorCigar Bar $45
Includes cigar box, cutters, lighter, signage and
cut glass vintage ash trays

Assorted hanging lanternsAssorted Hanging Lanterns
$5 – $12 each

Table top lanternsAssorted Table Top Lanterns
$5 – $20 each

Plant and tree decor itemsAssorted Lit and Unlit Decorative Trees
$18 – $25

Wood ladder and signWeathered Wood Ladders $10
“Forever, For Always and No Matter What” Sign $15

Silver frameLarge Silver Frame $10

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