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I Need A Reason Why

Hannah Nicole Wedding

Spring will soon grace us with its warm weather and beautiful flowers – I don’t care what Punxsutawney Phil has predicted this year! As events move outdoors, party planners take advantage of the abundance of colorful and cheerful decorations, appetizers, and centerpieces to throw truly remarkable events. Often times you know you want to throw a spectacular party for your friends and family but you just can’t figure out what do to! Because parties are what we love, we want to help you find a reason to host one! This month our event planners put their heads together to come up with innovative, fun, and entertaining reasons to have a spring party. There are just so many possibilities – whimsical tea parties, Easter egg-hunts, fresh cocktail recipes, and jaw-dropping floral designs. Below you will find some of our favorite ideas that are far from the normal party theme. We hope you enjoy!

Baseball Opening Day: The start of spring brings with it the start of baseball season! This All-American sport is the perfect way to bring family and friends together for a party. Have your event on your favorite team’s opening day so you can cheer them on. Decorate with banners, streamers, and table cloths in their colors and use baseball cards as coasters. If you don’t have a favorite team then go with a neutral red, white, and blue theme and ask your guests to come dressed to represent their team. Cracker jacks, peanuts, hotdogs, and soft pretzels are just some of the many ballpark-themed snacks you could serve up for your guests. Baseball decorated cake, cupcakes, and cookies are always fun dessert ideas and don’t forget refreshments like soda and juice for the kids and cold beers for the adults. Be sure to have the big game up on the TV and whiffle ball in the yard for the kids!

End of Tax Season: Who doesn’t love the end of tax season?! Mark the occasion with a relaxing get-together with friends and co-workers to wash away the stress. Simple finger foods can be a cost-effective way to provide your guests with a variety of options that won’t leave them feeling too stuffed. Refreshing fruit spritzers, light beer, and chilled rosé and white wine keep the drink options light. Classical, acoustic, and jazz music are all wonderful choices to play in the background to feed into the mood of the event. Tax themed Mad Libs, a good game of charades, and fake money confetti will have your guests laughing and enjoying the lighthearted get-together.

Spring Fever: If you are impatiently waiting for warmer weather, chances are your friends and family are too! Host a spring fever party to get everyone out of the house and in the mood. This party should be all about bright colors so encourage your guests to come dressed in their brightest and most colorful outfits. Serve drinks with fruits of every color and be sure to decorate with beautiful floral arrangements and contrasting linens. Play upbeat music and have fun group games at the ready to get your guests up and having a great time!

Earth Day: Celebrate Mother Earth and remind your guests how important our planet is with an Earth Day celebration. Recycle old jars and use them as drink glasses or flower vases, use newspapers as table cloths, and repurpose old magazines as hanging tassel decorations. Give your guests seedlings to plant in their home gardens and have the kids decorate bird houses and feeders. Provide your guests with healthy snacks such as carrot sticks and hummus, organic chips and spinach artichoke dip, fresh fruit cut in flower shapes, and a frozen yogurt dessert station. Make sure your plates, napkins, and flatware are all either made out of recycled material or are reusable. Show your partygoers how fun and easy it is to be green!

Whatever you decide, just remember that we can help you plan the perfect party and make it a stress-free event for you and your family. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Planning a Memorable Corporate Holiday Event!

The holidays are the perfect time for companies to show employees how much they care about them. Let your employees unplug from work and get to know each other in a social setting. We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to help spark that cheer for your corporate holiday event.

Idea #1

Door Prizes! Extra vacation days, preferred parking and gift certificates are always crowd pleasers. As far as awarding prizes, you can either do a straight drawing or add more interaction with a game like guessing how many candy canes are in the jar.

Idea #2

Holidays around the world! Spice up your catering selections by featuring an international menu.

The most popular options are always Mexican, Italian and Asian foods, but don’t overlook traditional Christmas cuisine from places like Finland, Sweden, and the Philippines.

Idea #3

The holiday season is, of course, a time for giving, and most companies include charities in their community engagement programs.

The holiday office party is a good time to recognize both the efforts throughout the year and to designate a special gift for a worthy cause. If your company sponsors a children’s organization, for example, you could invite a small group of children to sing carols at your event and then stay for lunch. Another idea is to sponsor a family and ask for volunteers to purchase an item or two from their wish list.

Idea #4

Hire a great DJ, not one of those basic clubbing DJ’s but a DJ who specializes in private events and really knows how to get the guests on the dance floor. Everyone talks about the party that went far into the night because the music was so fabulous!

Last but certainly not least, ask for help. Whether you hire a coordinator or ask for volunteers at work, when the workload is shared by many, the job gets done easier and more efficiently. Plus, more heads working together means more great ideas being brought to the table. Holidays are fun, your company party should be too!

Setting the mood: Tips and Tricks of Party Planning

As a host, you want to woo your guests by not only making a great first impression, but also keeping their attention throughout the event. The goal is to give everyone a spectacular experience; one they will be raving about long after your event has ended. With just a little imagination and planning, you can craft a truly amazing event!

The first step is to develop a theme (a unifying motif or idea). Every aspect of your event, from the invitations and decorations to the food, costumes, and entertainment, helps create a specific ambiance. The key is to decide how much you want your theme to shine through and then either find little ways to connect all of the pieces of your event to your theme or go big and have your theme radiate from every corner of your event space. The possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve decided on a theme, set the mood right from the start with a unique attention-grabbing invitation. The invitation truly sets the stage for your event so you want to create something that will marry nicely with the style and feel of your event. You want your invitation to capture attention, and excite your guests from the moment they open the envelope. People are always enthusiastic about something new that they have not seen before.

Next, get creative with your menu planning. An event theme is defined by the sum of all its parts, including the food and drinks! French champagne and a crepe dessert station is the “piece de resistance” of a Springtime in Paris event just like a margarita bar is the Olé to a Mexican Fiesta. Push your event over the top and make it memorable. For your summer backyard BBQ, stand out with a DIY s’mores bar complete with flavor infused marshmallows, chocolate graham crackers, and peanut butter cups!

Lighting can be the key to achieving a magical feel at your event. For example, try out different colored bulbs to create a calming or energizing effect. Add twinkle lights to trees or fences to create a mystical or romantic feel and then place simple up lights at the bases of your trees to add to the look. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations, you could uncover something spectacular!

Music is essential to the success of any event. Make sure to select music that relates to your theme or the feeling you are trying to convey. Play a mix of different artists and songs instead of playing an entire album or one specific artist (unless your theme is all about that artist). The same applies to live entertainment. Meet with your entertainer to confirm their style meshes with your personality and the type of event you want for your guests.

Always remember to have fun while planning your events and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. A professional event planner can help design and implement your theme and take the stress out of hosting an event! Using these ideas and adding some of your own will guarantee you throw a successful event that your guests will talk fondly about for months to come. Don’t forget to have fun at your event and enjoy the hard work that you put into it!

How to Spice Up Your Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween is such a fun holiday to plan for… fall is in full effect, with all the vibrant colors and cool weather; kids are excited to dress up and “trick or treat”, and the adults are excited to “taste test” the candy :).

This year, use nature-inspired décor to bring the outdoors inside for the holiday. Paint your pumpkins black with gold stems, and use creepily crawling vines as runners. Use the really scary decorations sparingly to avoid your dinner party looking like a haunted house. Birdcages housing black ravens, bat cutouts affixed to table cards to direct guests to their seats, black candelabras and stemware painted with spider webs can class up your spooky dinner. Then to add just a touch of glam….deep red roses, sprayed with a touch of black glitter.

Next let’s add in the perfect cocktail. This signature drink should warm your belly. Whether you go with a delicious spiced bourbon cocktail or a hot buttered rum drink, this cocktail should be something to sip in front of a fire. Send a warm tingly feeling to the pit of your guests’ tummies and make them sigh with pleasure.

For food, try something with a spooky twist to the name; for instance, Devilish Eggs or Sinister Spread. Fun names can make ordinary food so much better! Try taking a bell pepper and carving it like a pumpkin, then stuffy it with a yummy salad of some kind. Don’t forget the sweets though; meringues shaped into bones or cupcakes with candy skulls are a fun addition. Find some great containers in the shape of skulls, place them in creepy skeleton hands and fill them with orange and black candies. Provide mini jack-o-lantern buckets for guests to fill.

With good food, great cocktails and some spiced drinks, you can’t fail with this Halloween themed party.  If you feel stuck or short on time and need a little help, call on us. We love the holidays!

How to throw an EPIC end of summer bash!

If you have kids in your home, you know the importance of throwing them a fun party to close out the summer. The memories last all year and many adults look back fondly on their childhood summer parties with friends and family. Besides, who doesn’t love a good summer bash?! The kids get to run around and have a blast while the adults get to relax and have some fun of their own.

Set the mood by hiring a fabulous DJ! They’ll play the summer’s hottest songs or get the party grooving with some steel drum island music. Having an area for dancing is a great idea especially if you’ve got some kids who love to show off their sweet moves. Lay down a dance floor or have an area cleared out for them so they can boogie all day long!

If you know some little guests may be shy, look to have some activities set-up that will get them moving and playing together. Volleyball, corn hole, frisbee, and backyard badminton are just a few of the many activities you can get for your yard. They all require many people to play them and will get adults and kids alike laughing and playing as a team. 

Take your party to the next level by setting the stage for an epic water fight! Have water guns filled and ready for the little warriors with tubs around the yard for easy refills. Placing obstacles like trash cans in strategic places will provide hiding spots for super soaked ambushes!

Summer weather can get quite warm so planning to have a tent, canopy, or umbrellas is very important to keep everyone cool and comfortable. Providing your guests with a shaded area outside to beat the heat will also keep the dirt out of your home!

Keep your guests fed with food that is fun and easy to handle. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches cooked right on the grill, hot dogs, and salad wraps are all easy to make and are filling. Don’t forget the fresh fruit and lemonade!

After then sun goes down play an outdoor movie to end the party in a big way. Rent or borrow a projector and screen or even tie a big white blanket in-between two trees to play the movie on. Have blankets and fold-up chairs for everyone to relax on and get a popcorn machine or a snow cone machine for the ultimate movie treat!

Chairs for Affairs Shares — A Cornucopia of Elegant and Easy Napkin Folding Ideas

Delight and surprise your guests and kin this Thanksgiving with their very own centerpiece at each place setting. Choose one of the festive and easy napkin folds below or alternate them to provide contrast and variety.

It’s as easy as fold, press, stabilize and unfold. We recommend using cotton poly napkins, which come in a wide array of Fall colors. Add a contrasting table cloth and runner to upgrade your presentation. Contact us at Chairs for Affairs for all your party planning rentals and event coordination needs. (925) 370-1300