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Under Cover

So you have chosen the venue for your big event and are totally happy with your choice. Then you go back to wrap up the details and wait….what? Those chairs are a hideous shade of blue that will totally clash with your décor. Now what?! So the first and most obvious answer is, “I know I will get some chair covers and hide them!” you think triumphantly! A good idea and sometimes is the only choice. There are however, some inherent problems with the chair cover solution. chair-cover-solutionThere is an endless selection of chair designs and finding a cover to fit your chair properly can prove to be very difficult and I can tell you from experience an ill-fitting chair cover is just plain “sloppy looking”. A chair cover produces a very formal look and can change the entire feel of your event. Be sure to take a look at some pictures and be sure this is really the look you are trying to achieve. It can be a very costly, time sucking solution. Not to mention that bow tying is not everyone’s “unique ability”. So by now you are undoubtedly wondering, “What are my options?” Firstly, there is a beautiful, self-tying, universal alternative called a chair sack but it is definitely formal looking and can get expensive and time-consuming if you are talking about covering a lot of chairs. There are times when it makes sense to simply replace the chair with one you prefer. This solution can be about half the cost of a chair cover and may possibly allow you the ability to stay true to your original vision of the overall décor.