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Planning a Memorable Corporate Holiday Event!

The holidays are the perfect time for companies to show employees how much they care about them. Let your employees unplug from work and get to know each other in a social setting. We’ve compiled a list of some great ways to help spark that cheer for your corporate holiday event.

Idea #1

Door Prizes! Extra vacation days, preferred parking and gift certificates are always crowd pleasers. As far as awarding prizes, you can either do a straight drawing or add more interaction with a game like guessing how many candy canes are in the jar.

Idea #2

Holidays around the world! Spice up your catering selections by featuring an international menu.

The most popular options are always Mexican, Italian and Asian foods, but don’t overlook traditional Christmas cuisine from places like Finland, Sweden, and the Philippines.

Idea #3

The holiday season is, of course, a time for giving, and most companies include charities in their community engagement programs.

The holiday office party is a good time to recognize both the efforts throughout the year and to designate a special gift for a worthy cause. If your company sponsors a children’s organization, for example, you could invite a small group of children to sing carols at your event and then stay for lunch. Another idea is to sponsor a family and ask for volunteers to purchase an item or two from their wish list.

Idea #4

Hire a great DJ, not one of those basic clubbing DJ’s but a DJ who specializes in private events and really knows how to get the guests on the dance floor. Everyone talks about the party that went far into the night because the music was so fabulous!

Last but certainly not least, ask for help. Whether you hire a coordinator or ask for volunteers at work, when the workload is shared by many, the job gets done easier and more efficiently. Plus, more heads working together means more great ideas being brought to the table. Holidays are fun, your company party should be too!