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How to Spice Up Your Halloween Dinner Party

Halloween is such a fun holiday to plan for… fall is in full effect, with all the vibrant colors and cool weather; kids are excited to dress up and “trick or treat”, and the adults are excited to “taste test” the candy :).

This year, use nature-inspired décor to bring the outdoors inside for the holiday. Paint your pumpkins black with gold stems, and use creepily crawling vines as runners. Use the really scary decorations sparingly to avoid your dinner party looking like a haunted house. Birdcages housing black ravens, bat cutouts affixed to table cards to direct guests to their seats, black candelabras and stemware painted with spider webs can class up your spooky dinner. Then to add just a touch of glam….deep red roses, sprayed with a touch of black glitter.

Next let’s add in the perfect cocktail. This signature drink should warm your belly. Whether you go with a delicious spiced bourbon cocktail or a hot buttered rum drink, this cocktail should be something to sip in front of a fire. Send a warm tingly feeling to the pit of your guests’ tummies and make them sigh with pleasure.

For food, try something with a spooky twist to the name; for instance, Devilish Eggs or Sinister Spread. Fun names can make ordinary food so much better! Try taking a bell pepper and carving it like a pumpkin, then stuffy it with a yummy salad of some kind. Don’t forget the sweets though; meringues shaped into bones or cupcakes with candy skulls are a fun addition. Find some great containers in the shape of skulls, place them in creepy skeleton hands and fill them with orange and black candies. Provide mini jack-o-lantern buckets for guests to fill.

With good food, great cocktails and some spiced drinks, you can’t fail with this Halloween themed party.  If you feel stuck or short on time and need a little help, call on us. We love the holidays!