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Themed Events

There are endless possibilities when choosing a theme for an event. The most important part of the decision should be to choose a theme that in some way reflects either your interests, your likes or who you are. Any event is made better when it in some way reflects your personality and sense of self. If you are a casual person, chances are you (and ultimately your guests) will be far more comfortable in a casual environment than trying to re-create an Elizabethan dinner. Themed parties are not limited to children’s birthdays – they can be incorporated into any event from corporate event, to wedding, birthday or shower.

Hoe down - denim and bandana print lines

Hoe down – denim and bandana print lines in a 40’x80′ tent

Whether you choose a beach, pirate, vintage inspired, fiesta, shabby chic or elegant theme it can be a really fun way to set the tone of your choosing for the celebration. With the help of the Internet and in particular sites like Pinterest, it is easier than ever to search for fun ideas. From decorating to games and even themed food choices – everything you need to know to make your themed event exciting, fun and memorable is easier to find than ever!

That said… is easy to get carried away and make things way harder on yourself than they need to be. I have seen many a party thrower get caught up in all the miraculous ideas they have found only to drive themselvesto the point of bankruptcy, lunacy and exhaustion!

The MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE I can give you is….. once you have settled on a FEW ideas……STOP LOOKING!!!!


Essentially, every component reflects the theme and tone of any event. Things you might not even think are a part of the overall theme like what color and style of chair you use, the size and shape of your tables, the colors, music, food, lighting all play a part of the finished product.


Set the party-goers expectation by choosing an appropriate invitation to match the tone and attire for the event. For example, if you are planning a good old fashioned country hoe-down – don’t send a formal invitation.


Choose linen colors and textures that go along with the theme. All tables needn’t be the same either. Cake/dessert, entry and head tables are usually the most photographed tables and are thus born to stand out – SO LET THEM!!


Whether store-bought, rented or hand-made, fill the dead space on the table with thematic elements. They can be simple or extreme. Small flower arrangements, candles, seashells, leaves and live food all make fun centerpieces. Take the height of the arrangement into consideration when choosing. No one likes a centerpiece they cannot see or talk over. This is an example of simple centerpiece perfect for a girl’s night out or bridal shower made simply of Victoria’s Secret bags and a little bling.


Something as simple as the size and shape of the guest tables can play an important role as well. A large country-style King’s table can be very grand and works great when trying to keep guests together and sends a real message of closeness and community. Round tables are more suitable for large groups. An oblong banquet table is in comparison more casual and round tables make conversation a little easier and can be very elegant. REMEMBER: A themed event can be fun but in no way should make you crazy!!

  • Your guests are coming for you.
  • They are in most cases friends or family who care about YOU!
  • They are not coming to judge you on how crafty you are.