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Why Rent?

I thought for my first foray into the world of blogging we should address the most basic of questions pertaining to any rental inquiry. Why should you rent instead of buy?


Tables, chairs, linens, glassware, china, flatware, arches – all of these things can add up very quickly! Then there are the big ticket items like heaters, barbecues and tents that don’t make any sense at all to purchase in any large quantity. Prevent clutter - rentYou really have to consider how often you will really use these things and consider if this is really the way you want to spend your hard earned money. The alternative is to borrow from friends. This means lots of loading, unloading and set-up that just adds one more thing to do, one more layer of stress to a day that already has plenty of both!


The most general answer is a simple question of how often you expect to use items. Larger items like tables and chairs take up a lot of space. Storage requirements, particularly if you only need the extra seating a couple of times per year can be a real pain. Secondly, while most of us have a few basic linens, do you really want to use the same thing EVERY party, EVERY occasion? I know I really like to mix things up, try new things and vary my themes. Renting linens makes this very easy and is earth friendly as linens leave no waste. Décor items are a little trickier – but I cannot tell you how many brides and party planners have approached me to buy the centerpieces from their event. There are websites dedicated to selling decorative items, linens etc., that are no longer wanted and are taking up valuable space. Renting items or producing a centerpiece that can be shared with guests at the end of the party seem a much better way to go.


The MOST IMPORTANT reason to rent? IT IS EASIER!! Suppose I told you there are places designed to help you with the planning, that have all the things you need in stock. That these magical genies could deliver the items to your home, set them up and would even wash the dirty dishes at the end. Is this something that would appeal to you? Once you have made the decision to rent – the next step is to find a rental company with a good product selection of what you are looking for. Beyond product, you want to find someone who is on your team who will make suggestions and oversee your basic needs so you can focus on the execution of the finer details.