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Outdoor Heater Instructions

Download the Outdoor Heater Instructions

Mushroom style patio heaterSafety Precautions

  • Keep outdoor heaters away from any combustible material, including wood, compressed paper, plant fibers, plastic and other materials that are capable of being ignited and burned.
  • Minimum clearances to adjacent combustible surfaces: TOP: 18″, SIDES: 24″, BELOW: 84″

Heaters with Pilot Light Ignition System

An igniter has been built in as part of the gas control valve, which will be activated when the valve stem is depressed and turned counter-clockwise.

  1. Push and turn the control knob to PILOT position. Keep depressed for 45 seconds. Check the pilot flame through the 1/2″ match lighting hole.
  2. Continue to hold in the knob and press the stick button 4 to 5 times (Use long candle lighter if igniter does not seem to be working)
  3. Lot knob pop out and turn to high. (If it does not ignite turn everything to the off or closed position. Detach propane tank and start over at step one) It might need two or three trials to light the pilot burner. Note: Allow 1 minute to purge air through the pilot after connection with a new gas tank.

Heaters without Pilot Light Ignition System

  1. Make sure heater is in the “off” position and propane tank is completely closed.
  2. Attach propane tank and open slowly until is in a fully open position.
  3. Depress gas control knob and turn to the “low” position. While keeping the gas control knob depressed. Press the ignition button 3 to 4 times. (Use long candle lighter if igniter does not seem to be working)
  4. Continue to keep gas control knob depressed for 30 seconds.
  5. Release gas control knob and turn gas control knob to desired heat setting.

Turning the Heater and Pilot Off

Turn control knob to PILOT position. Depress slightly and turn to OFF position. Wait five (5) minutes after complete shutoff of heater before relighting pilot. Turn gas tank off when not in use.

If you have problems or questions with this equipment:

During normal business hours contact us at (925) 370-1300.

Our after-hour emergency number can be found on our recording at (925) 370-1300.

Download the Outdoor Heater Instructions

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